The quick answer is “as much as possible”.
You can call and discuss your project during standard business hours.
If you know exactly how you want your items positioned in the images, tell us. If you don’t, ask us. Our photographers can access your style guides for each item and pose the item accordingly. You can even have multiple guides for items that will result in multiple poses and images. Flexibility is our middle name.
Quality assurance is a major part of our system. You’ll be able to follow every step of the process using our client website and to accept or reject an image that doesn’t meet your needs. We give you all of the tools necessary to make that determination, including image size, item angle, and clipping path.
The high quality digital imaging, pre and post production services we provide are customize able and scale able; specifically we can integrate into your existing logistical infrastructure to produce a seamless photography process.
Our studio receives shipments from clients every day and the first thing we do is to match them up with contracts.

Yes, we work with customers from around the world. As long as you are able to ship us your items, we can be your product photographers.

Items to be photographed can be small, big, simple, complex, shiny, dull, one piece, require assembly, clean, filthy, light, heavy, perishable, non-perishable… Well, you get the point—we’re flexible. Our multiple studio facilities are located in a warehouse equipped to handle a wide variety of products. Prices may vary, but the quality does not.
You can, but we strongly recommend against blind drop shipping your products to us.